Females share their secrets for making penetrative sex a lot more pleasurable

A survey, conducted by ladies’s sexual health and wellness education and learning as well as study platform OMGYES, exposes the usual techniques ladies use to raise sexual satisfaction during penetrative sex —– either with a partner or a sex toy.

Scientist asked 3,017 ladies 90 inquiries concerning how they have penetrative sex as well as experience genital excitement. The ladies were English audio speakers from around the world, in between the ages of 18 and also 93.

Four methods emerged as best techniques for enhancing sexual satisfaction, which OMGYES called”shallowing,””pairing,””rocking,” as well as”fishing.”

Each of the four techniques had a typical theme: They focused on how ladies utilize their bodies and their partners’ bodies to delight in vaginal sex extra. Prior research on the topic concentrated on exactly how details sex assistants, like toys, as well as body components— — like the penis or tongue — — impacted a female’s satisfaction.

This more granular take a look at ladies’s enjoyment techniques might aid both sex-related health scientists and also women identify more methods to improve sex-related satisfaction, according to the writers of the study.

Four means females experience satisfaction throughout penetrative sex, according to the survey

70% of ladies said they carried out shallowing, or placing a plaything or penis only in the entrance of the vagina, during penetrative sex.

84% claimed pairing, or boosting their clitoris with their fingers or a plaything while being penetrated, improved their sex lives.

Rocking, or keeping a penis or toy within the vaginal area rather than thrusting, was another top strategy that 76% of women reported making use of. With rocking, the clitoris remains in contact with the penis or sex toy, creating rubbing that can stimulate the clitoris and also produce satisfaction, according to the study writers.

Angling, or positioning your hips so your companion’s penis or a plaything scrubs versus the clitoris throughout penetrative sex, was the most preferred technique the checked ladies mentioned. 88% of pollees stated they utilized this method.


“We really hope bringing this crucial understanding out of the darkness right into the light of day with clear language will empower ladies to much better recognize, interact and also act upon what they desire,” OMGYES study researcher Dr. Christiana von Hippel claimed in a press launch.

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